Find the landmark

I found this picture on Travel North Dakota’s Facebook page of a time-lapse photo of Jamestown.

It was taken by Dan Schill Photography here in Jamestown.

Here at The Sun there’s a pretty famous landmark in this photo.

Anyone who can guess the landmark I’m thinking of will win either a collection of items with The Jamestown Sun logo, or else respect points and street cred from me.

Personally I’d take the respect points and street cred.

Good luck! First correct answer wins.


7 thoughts on “Find the landmark

  1. I think it’s the grain elevator in the SE part of town near the RR tracks on the way to the old golf course. It might be on Third St. SE, not far from the former site of the Jamestown Hide & Fur (Porter Brothers).

  2. I was thinking the Midland Continental Railroad had a repair building in this area. I found a picture of the repair shop my brother took many years ago. It has a flat roof but maybe they added a slanted roof later. Could the building in the center next to the tracks be that building?

  3. Sorry, last guess is no good as well. I guess I can add a hint, it’s hard to see in the photo but is a place people go to help find warmth in the winter.

  4. Wasn’t the warehouse in the center of the photo used to receive the rolls of paper from the railroad cars and stored prior to being used to print the paper?

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