Opinion corner: Season not to remember

The following ran in the May 9 edition The Jamestown Sun:

The best basketball teams in the world continue to duke it out in the NBA playoffs, and while we watch the best it’s important to remember the worst.

Not the Minnesota Timberwolves or Milwaukee Bucks, I mean the worst team in the history of professional hoops — the 7-59 Charlotte Bobcats and their all-time NBA worst .106 winning percentage.

The Bobcats were so bad that the team set franchise records for consecutive losses with 16 and later losing the final 23 games of the season.

So who’s to blame? Paul Silas was quickly booted. But one can’t blame the coach for a team that was almost completely devoid of talent.

One can blame majority owner Michael Jordan. Can you imagine working in a front office with the greatest player ever? MJ may also be the worst owner/executive ever, but it would be exceedingly difficult to tell him he’s wrong when it comes to personnel choices.

When Corey Maggette is your leading scorer something is wrong. Who are Tyrus Thomas, Byron Mullens, Bismarck Biyombo, Gerald Henderson. D.J. Augustin? That not-so-fearsome fivesome is the starting 5 for the Bobcats in their season-finale April 26. If you’ve heard of more than two of them, congratulations, you are officially an NBA dork like myself and Sun sports guru Dave Selvig.

The Bobcats were a contender during the 2009-2010 season and made it to the playoffs before being swept out by Orlando in the first round.

Enter into the equation the turnstile of head coaches. Jordan got legend Larry Brown to coach for two seasons, but Brown was fired. And in came Silas. Let’s not forget other great basketball minds in Sam Vincent and Bernie Bickerstaff to have also manned the ship in Charlotte.

There’s too much amiss with Charlotte basketball to correctly point fingers, but the situation has clearly gotten away from Jordan, who runs the entire basketball side of operations.

Who can forget such notable draft busts as Adam Morrison and Kwame Brown?

The roster seems to be a wash of journeymen players and under-talented youth.

And the person in charge of cobbling together this motley crew — MJ, of course.

Things are so bad in Charlotte that if they win the draft lottery and get the No. 1 pick you’ll be able to get season tickets for $43. Again this is professional basketball.

The fans can’t stand it and MJ is only making a disgrace of himself. Clearly the team must be losing money and not even soon-to-be No. 1 overall pick Anthony Davis of Kentucky will do little immediately to make things better, and that’s if even they get the No. 1 pick in the draft.

It’s time for Jordan to step aside and let someone else to try and run the experiment known as Charlotte Bobcats basketball. One thing is for certain, the next person in charge can’t do any worse than His Airness.

Rodgers is a news writer at the Jamestown Sun