4-track mind

I just interviewed Bob Milne, who will be in Jamestown on Monday, Oct. 24, at the Quality Inn & Suites banquet room. He will be doing a performance called “Pool Halls and Piano Parlors.”

Mine plays ragtime, not the most popular type of music out there, but he has an uncanny gift.

He can play four songs at the same time switching back and forth between the rhythm and the melody.

It’s a gift that NPR investigated and found some amazing results to.


Tickets are $15 for Arts Center members and $20 for others. That cost includes a pulled pork BBQ dinner. Contact the Arts Center for tickets at 701-251-2496.

Get a Rhythm

In case you haven’t heard, the Mighty Cash Cats Tribute to Johnny Cash will play at 7 p.m. tonight at Jamestown College. The show will be at the fine arts center.

Tickets are $7 in advance and $9 at the door. To order in advance call 701-400-3292 or 320-1523.

This group has played in Jamestown before and I have heard nothing but positive things about their rendition of the Man in Black.

Here’s what they sound like:



No, the spacebar didn’t break on my keyboard. But yes, it’s the name of a movie I recently watched.

Griz Unit from the sports desk happens to like the TV “How I Met Your Mother,” probably more than I do. Which is of course why he went out and purchased this film written, directed and starting the CBS sitcom’s lead character.

Josh Radnor, plays Ted Mosby, aka T Mos, aka, Teddy Westside on the hilarious CBS sitcom. He also is the creative force behind this film.

In “HappyThankYouMorePlease” Radnor plays a guy facing relationship difficulties and what I would think is a felony charge in the state of New York.

But at the end of the movie I thought the characters grew and the screen play was solid. I told Radnor this on Facebook and asked for more please.

As always:

Wednesday night at the Fair

There won’t be time to get the opening act for the free entertainment at the Stutsman County Fair in the Diversions page so I figured I’d let you know about her now.

Samantha Madison and WildCard is a group from Nashville, Tenn. According to Stutsman County Fair Board president, Al Lindberg, she’s a kicking country/rock gal with pretty slick band. She has also apparently never been in this part of the country before.

Lindberg saw her at the Dakotas’ fair convention last fall, and knew he wanted to act to come to Jamestown.

Watch this video and you might agree with me that he made a good choice.

Madison and Wildcard are free entertainment with the purchase of gate admission to the Fair. Cost is $4 for adults $1 for children 7-12, and 6 and under are free.

This is also an all ages shows. There are separate spaces for families, wild and crazy teenagers, and yes adults looking to enjoy a cold beverage.

One good thing about music

Is that we are starting to get some live bands in Jamestown, and not the polka variety.

I along with some comrades caught the tail end of two shows from two different bands this weekend.

The first band was 24 Seven and they were really really loud, I’m pretty sure I was shouting when I was talking after walking outside.

Also they played Kid Rock but started with the lyrics to a Warren Zevon song. Don’t tease Zevon, just don’t.

Saturday night was time for John Wayne and the Pain, there was much rejoicing.

There was also some jam band dancing going on as the nag champa (finest incense in the world) burned.

Oh yeah, both shows were at Trax, which is nice. I’d also take Wayne and his Pain, any day, but different strokes for different folks.

The last time I saw Elvis

The last time I saw Elvis he was shooting out a color TV, or singing a gospel song, or maybe he was riding in the back of a pink Cadillac.

The last time Neil Young saw Elvis he wrote a great tune on his album “Prairie Wind” called “He Was the King.” Well not really but it’s a great tune.

Shortly after that 2005 album he suffered a brain aneurism and his music took a sharp turn.

What was beautiful acoustic music with weeping steal guitars, turned into one man grunge and politician bashing.

As I write this I’m listening to bits and pieces of his new album, which is a reprise, “Neil Young and the International Harvesters – A Treasure.”

Ladies and gentlemen the king has not left the building.

What I’m hearing has weeping guitars, and banjos and fiddles and is a hybrid of bluegrass soul and country.

I might have to go buy it over my dinner break tonight.

I wouldn’t

I wouldn’t like to be a bad rock band.

I wouldn’t like to be in a bad rock band playing in Jamestown.

I wouldn’t like to be in a bad rock band playing in Jamestown with someone like me in the audience.

I wouldn’t like to be in a bad rock band playing in Jamestown with someone like me in the audience demanding to hear “Free Bird.”

Had to get that out there.

On a related note, someone needs to get the Fargo band Tune in Tokyo here in Jamestown.

Live at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

This week’s free live concert comes from Woodlands, Texas and is courtesy of Mr. John Mayer.

I’m glad to see Mayer join the free-trade music cause because he’s pretty much a global superstar. I don’t think he needs any more money so why not give away some groovy tunes?

The most important detail about this show is that it isn’t early Mayer, none of that acoustic bubble gum garbage. This concert is from around the time of his release of “Continuum.”

So one could call it more blues rock than anything else. He plays homage to Robert Johnson and Tom Petty in this show, which let’s you know just how far Mayer has came since
those “Your Body is a Wonderland” days.

Now it’s not as good as the John Mayer Trio but this is a great set.

Enjoy this music and please pass it on — Mayer wants you to.

A different kind of concert

This is the first time I heard of a concert like this but indie singer/songwriter Rocky Votolato is bringing his show to a living room in Fargo on June 20.

If you want to know how he sounds think something along the lines of Damien Rice and Conor Oberst.

That’s right a living room. It works like this: People can visit his website at www.rockyvotolato.com and click on shows scroll down to the Fargo location and click buy.

As of 11 a.m. Wednesday morning there are 30 tickets left. Once you purchase a ticket for $20 you are sent a pdf with information on what house will be hosting the concert, parking and the like.

So bring something comfy to sit on for this all ages show.

I found a video of a similar show he played in a living room in Huntington Beach, Cali. Watch for yourself and decide if you want to attend. But make it fast because seating is extremely limited for what’s sure to be a unique and captivating show.

I desperately want to attend…


So who has two thumbs and had a blast at the roller derby Mixer of Mayhem this weekend? Give up…

It was this guy!

If you missed the roller derby this past Saturday at Wilson Arena you missed a good time watching a new and exciting sport.

My estimates say somewhere between 400 and 500 people showed to watch women on skates hip check and knock over other women on skates.

The pink team held on to beat the green team in what I’d call a pretty captivating bout.
And while these women may look mild mannered off the track, once those eight wheels hit the pavement they are anything but.

There were a few nasty falls along the way and I wish the one woman who seriously hurt her ankle a speedy recovery.

So women of Jamestown, get out and check this sport out. We are in need of local skaters for future bouts. And those who don’t want to grind it out on the flat track, be sure to check the next bout out whenever it comes back to Jamestown or you’ll be sorry you didn’t.