Proof my generation will never grow up

I can still recall those early Macs in elementary school and the giant floppy discs that were the size of an iPad or net book.

I’d remember playing Oregon Trail at school and when I got home watching “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?”

Well thanks to those innovative folks at Facebook I can relive those moments, while on Facebook and while sharing my personal information with countless companies.

That’s right, and if that wasn’t enough for you there’s this:

I’m not one for games on Facebook. I’ve never harvested any virtual crops or built a virtual stable or killed a virtual mob boss.

But I might consider the Carmen San Diego one. It would need the vocal band Rockapella singing the signature tune we all know and love.

Do you play Facebook games? And why would you do such a thing?

Also if you want to know how to secure your Facebook account from paying companies, let me know and I’ll link you up.

Only in Boston

This video has been making the rounds on Facebook and after I see a few different people sharing a video I decide that I should watch it.

The sports dorks seem to love it nearly as much as cougars love Bon Jovi, which is a lot.

My question to you is, was this staged? Let me know what ya think.