‘The American’

I rented “The American” last night and I am not sure what to think of it. It stars George Clooney and not one character has any major lines of dialogue.

But the framing from the DOP was outstanding and the film overall had very good qualities, but they were qualities you never really look for first and foremost in film.

Clooney plays a secret agent of some sort and is asked to build and deliver a customized sniper rifle.

There’s more to it than that but as always I never want to ruin anything for anyone who may rent this movie. I’ve seen quite a few foreign films in my day, and this is an American made movie but it doesn’t feel that way when watching it.

Maybe that’s because of director Anton Corbijn, a Dutchman who is famous for directing music videos for everybody from Johnny Cash to Joy Division.

Or iy could be the fact that it’s rated R and not because of excessive language and violence, that might give it, it’s European appeal.

On the outside “The American” is a spy movie, and it has some pretty well choreographed action scenes.

But under the hood this is almost like an art-house flick with a deeper meaning that I’m having trouble drawing a parallel to.

As always here is the trailer, those interested can watch or comment.