No, the spacebar didn’t break on my keyboard. But yes, it’s the name of a movie I recently watched.

Griz Unit from the sports desk happens to like the TV “How I Met Your Mother,” probably more than I do. Which is of course why he went out and purchased this film written, directed and starting the CBS sitcom’s lead character.

Josh Radnor, plays Ted Mosby, aka T Mos, aka, Teddy Westside on the hilarious CBS sitcom. He also is the creative force behind this film.

In “HappyThankYouMorePlease” Radnor plays a guy facing relationship difficulties and what I would think is a felony charge in the state of New York.

But at the end of the movie I thought the characters grew and the screen play was solid. I told Radnor this on Facebook and asked for more please.

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