They really could Use Somebody

In case you haven’t heard the Kings of Leon have cancelled the 29 remaining shows in the U.S.

It may not be a big deal here because they probably weren’t going to come that close, possibly Chicago. But it looks like the start of the end for one of my once-favorite bands.

The lead singer is complaining of exhaustion, which is an easy cop out for saying things aren’t going well with the band’s chemistry.

The soundtrack to my four years in college can be summed up by the two records “Youth & Young Manhood” and “Aha Shake Heartbreak.”

All I can say on here is that was the music for some pretty wild times, parties, road trips, I even went to a concert in Milwaukee before the became a huge mainstream success.

The Rave in Milwaukee is a tiny club-like venue that was packed to the walls and they place felt like it was shaking from the noise and the fun.

I can’t say the name behind this quote from a friend of a friend on Facebook but he pretty much sums up the early sound.

“Youth and Young manhood made me want to speed down the interstate in a 73 camaro running moonshine with cops on my tail. LOVE that album.”

It’s a shame to see that not only is the band on the verge of breaking apart, but that they have also forgotten early fans, like me and my entire college class.

Here’s the band live in 2004:

Here they are in 2009 in London selling out:

Just my opinion, but I’d take the early stuff any day of the week.