Way too many dumb people

I was looking for some music today to listen to while I was putting pages together (It’s always easier to put pages together while listening to music but for some reason I can’t write worth a lick while I’m rockin’ out).

Anyways our new reporter Minerva chimed in that she absolutely loves Lady Gaga, like die hard club dancing loves, and she said that’s what I should listen to.

I hit up the YouTube, because that’s where all the good music is for free, and typed in Lady Gaga, I clicked on the first video and this is what I saw.

I didn’t even know hit counters went that high. After some department wide math, led by math department head Mike Savaloja we discovered people across the world have wasted 1,275,477 DAYS on this disturbing video.

We only wasted three minutes figuring that information out.

So I propose a new Lady Gaga song, it only has a little more than a million views, but with my 300 million loyal readers, we should be able to take down “Bad Romance.”

Enjoy this because it’s a little bit country.