Holy cow! I won something?

The free swag just keeps coming for this reporter, which is kind of crazy because I never win anything.

Last night at Dirt Talk (a radio show hosted at IDK Bar and Grill) I won all of this grand stuff.

This is a welcome change because only like 20 people enter for about a dozen prizes, and I’ve been winless every time I’ve gone.

And for the record, I’m not huge on dirt track racing, but IDK makes a great ‘za and it’s nice to get together with friends and discuss how awesome Tavaris Jackson is.

I know what your thinking, “gee Ben all that grand stuff is good at the Mall of America, nearly 500 miles away from Jamestown.”

So what. Don’t ruin this for me, I will make my way over there eventually. Plus when I do I will have four rounds of mini golf and a free pass to Nickelodeon Universe.

But sports editor Davey “Maverick” Selvig, tells me it’s probably not good for a grown man to be wandering around those places by himself.

Then on top of that master photographer John Steiner returned from the Minnesota State Fair with all of this great stuff.

Yes, that’s right a can cozy, a magnet with a hot newscaster on it, a moist towelette, from the Star Trib, and a copy of the Onion, America’s finest news source.

Yup, life is good right now for this scribe.