The songbird that didn’t sing

Work here can get kind of mundane at certain points, which is why I was super excited to see local singing sensation Alexis Barnick come in for an interview and possibly chirp a few notes.

I had a simple request — “Sing me a song from the ‘Newsies.””

Those who know me well know that I myself am a bit of a song and dance man. “Newsies” is one of my favorite musicals and one song and dance person to another I thought she might sing me a little tune and perk up the workday.

She in fact did not and flat out refused to sing for me. I was willing for a duet but Ms. Barnick refused and I was left watching Youtube clips and wishing somebody would sing “Bleeding Love” for me.

I even offered to teach her how to play harmonica for one song, but still it was too little too late.

So here’s what I watched yesterday instead. Look for a young Christian Bale and try to tell me he wasn’t a jerk back then.