One Clap

For the sports fans out there the waiving of Rannnnnnnndy Moss by the Minnesota Vikings is sure to turn some heads. His triumphant homecoming resulted in four games and the essential loss of a third round draft pick.

Head coach Chilly has appeared to have lost control of his football team and could be bagging groceries before the season is over.

The best part of the whole situation, besides being a Packer fan, is this video. Check it out yo!

Speaking of Rannnnnnndy Moss, I am a huge fan by the way, Moss is a big outdoors fan, hunting, fishing he even owns a race team.

Check back to my previous post to answer a sorta outdoorsey question for your chance at some swag.

Ugh, another Sunday

I created this situation myself in picking games by the spreads and I’ve under preformed to my potential so far. But I will not quit I will ride the season out digging myself a deeper hole every week.

With that here’s your week 7 picks. The lines are tough this week by the way.

I’ll take my Pack to trump Moss and Co. by the 2.5

Look for St. Louis to come up and cover the 3 points at Tampa.

Miami is tough but not tough enough to cover 3 points hosting the Steelers.

Lock it up with Da Bears covering the Skins by 3 points at home.

Finally on Monday Night the Cowboys and better than they are playing (I think) so they will cover the 3
points at home against the Giants.