A total piece of garbage

Well the end of days is near; the whole world can see this by looking at the graffiti on The Jamestown Sun building.

Really? I thought graffiti went out with Guns N Roses. I mean at least make it an artful and political statement like Banksy Whose work can be seen here

But no in Jamestown, gangland capital of the Northern Plains, we get tagged by a punk with an ugly red spray can.

What exactly is this person tagging anyways? I don’t think there is a turf war going on in Jamestown where you need to claim your territory by some tags a second grader could make.

What type of criminal activity is this “gang” involved in? Stealing yard ornaments? Flipping off drivers from the street corner? Shoplifting candy bars?

When I catch this perp I will make sure they are unable to reproduce because I’m positive anyone dumb enough to make tags in a small town like this has no business bringing additional life into this country.

I know I’m going off on a tear of some punk teenagers, but really kids maybe you should read a book, I know the first one can be intimidating. Another good thing to do would be to get a job, flipping burgers holds more merit than tagging buildings. One final thing to do would be to graduate high school, I normally recommend college but for the graffiti artist I’m sure high school would be a stretch. Oh yeah, get a life too.

May their future life of courtroom visits be the best it possibly can, enjoy the life of crime street urchin.