An odd one

I haven’t blogged in a long time and I do apologize. We’ve been a little busy around here putting out a special section so it has been mucho work the past week.

After finishing my writing for this special section I decided to rededicate myself to this blog and come up with some top-notch posts.

One post I haven’t done in a while is a beer review, and after that heavy workload I like to think I earned a tasty treat.

A buddy and I headed to Cork & Barrel and picked six of the oddest seeming brews they had this weekend. We made sure to grab each one of the Sam Adams Longshot series which features brews crafted by home brewers.

The Blackened Hops created by Rodney Kibzey was definitely out there and was Kibzey’s second winner in the competition.

As a hop head, mixing a dark ale with plenty of hops seemed unconceivable, but he did it and it has a very weird, but tasty bite. Malty and piney and almost like a porter but ending like an IPA.

Richard Roper was a winner with his Friar Hop Ale. I considered it a strong orange tasting beer with hints of pine at the end. A drinkable, hoppy Belgium ale.

My favorite however would probably be most people’s least favorite — Honey B’s Lavender Ale.
This beer belongs at a Bath and Body Works, not Sam Adams. Brewer Caitlin DeClercq, a Sam Adams employee, took me by surprise. This baby is all lavender, when brewed is surprisingly refreshing.

Other notes of rose, cherry and honey are thrown in for a deceptive taste.

So if you can pick up a six pack try these bad boys out and let me know what you think. The great thing about craft beer is we all have different tastes and tendencies. Prost!