The Format

Every song has a story and I all but forgot about this one after my hard drive crashed.

Since I remembered it I’ve been playing it a lot at work and making my coworkers uncomfortable with my singing and desk dancing.

Twas the sophomore year at ole UWGB when my buddy introduced his friend who stayed at GB for a year. J.J. was a pretty wild guy and take my love for Wisconsin and replace it with a love for Arizona and boom, there’s J.J. But he still is a true Wisconsinite and for that he will always be a bud.

J.J. had a lot of weird quirks and one that stays with me to this day is his love of an Arizona indie/rock/not that emo-type-of-band called The Format.

With that information I hereby present you, my loyal readers with that most catchy song you’ll hear this year – Tune Out by The Format.